I encourage you to be passionate…

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care…

Some people discount the impact of this statement but it holds a lot of truth.  When deciding who to do business with, the person who shows the most passion often is perceived to be the most qualified.  They may not actually be the best but because they love what they do; their excitement for it is contagious.

The same can be said for passionate people in relationships.  We often wonder why couples who argue are able to stay together.  The passion exhibited in the arguing is sometimes attractive to the other person because of the intensity of emotion.  We sometimes wonder why couples stay together because of good sex.  The passion in the bedroom makes it easier to deal with the problems outside of the bedroom.

What are you passionate about?  What in your life creates extreme or intense emotion?  What do you get excited about?  What do you love even when money or status isn’t involved?

I encourage you to be passionate in your life.

Find that thing or those things that you feel you can’t live without and work toward pursuing them.  I encourage you to pursue internal passions, those things that you can do without depending on other people.  For example, you shouldn’t say you’re passionate about the new person that you are dating because if that person is no longer in your life, theoretically you will lose your passion or immediately begin seeking a new love.  Also, be cautious about defining your passion based on something that contributes toward your livelihood unless you feel certain that you will be successful or you are ok regardless of the financial impact.  I have seen so many people try to use their passion to make a profit, become discouraged when it doesn’t work out and lose their passion for the thing.

When setting goals and deciding what to focus on, make sure you incorporate elements of your passion, those things that drive you and ignite your fire.  Most people who have incorporated their passions into their business say that they don’t feel like they are working because they are doing what they love.  Having a shared passion in relationships also helps to keep the fire alive.  Rather than being focused on that person or the chemistry in the bedroom, it can be a shared experience that bonds the two of you.


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