I encourage you to be inspired…

I go through ebbs and flows with my writing.  Some nights I can sit down and write a thousand words by following the flow of my thoughts and then I will go weeks without a string of thoughts I feel worthy of penning to paper/screen.

There are people who I sometimes encounter, even if just for a day, who inspire me.  They tell me their story and I am inspired to do more with my life.  I often have people to compliment me on my writing or an accomplishment and I am inspired to continue pushing through whatever hard times I may be suffering.  Sometimes a person will come to me for advice and I am inspired to continue pursuing my passion because I know that I am helping someone else to also pursue theirs.

However, my greatest inspiration comes from music.  I love to turn on my Pandora, plug my earphones in and get lost in my thoughts.  I will sit down with my laptop, reflect on whatever is happening in my life and start typing whatever comes to mind.  Not only does it provide content for my blogs and books but it’s also a form of therapy for me.  I then sober myself – turn off the music – and go back to read my writings and can tell a lot about myself based on the tone of my writing.

Find the thing that inspires you.  It may be helping others, listening to music, looking at art or people watching but you have to figure out where you find inspiration because it will help you to stay motivated to do the things that you do.

I encourage you to be inspired in your life.


What do you think?

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