I usually get what I want because…

1. I’ve learned to put my goals in tune with God’s plan for my life. I try to focus on His will and living a life of purpose.
2. I don’t wait for other people to make things happen in my life. I realized a while ago that its not up to anyone else to achieve my goals for me.
3. I’m not afraid of failure. If I want something, I go for it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t sit around agonizing over what if’s.
4. I do the work. Once I set my sight on a goal, I focus on the activities to reach the goal more than the thing itself and before I know it… I’m there.
5. I know the difference between a need and a want…


2 thoughts on “I usually get what I want because…

  1. Interesting read, as it pretty much explains why I hardly ever obtain the things I truly want. First off, I tend to want certain things to the point where it begins to feel like a need. Second, I hardly ever ask God for things other than His will be done. That which I ask is from my heart and since it had been asked, years ago, I leave it within His hands. Anything else is simply a case of me wanting to satisfy my earthly desires which, I admit, are not sincere nor from my heart.

    Like yourself, I’m not afraid of failure. I believe Michael Jordan put it best: You can’t score the game winning basket if you are afraid to take the shot.

    We do have the other two things in common – I prefer to do the work and often hold myself accountable whether I win or lose or draw.

    Good read.


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