Reflections: Thanksgiving 2011

I spent a few minutes reviewing my post from last year “What are you thankful for?” before writing this year’s post. I must admit that not much has changed, as far as what I’m thankful for but this past year has been filled with ups and downs that I never imagined experiencing.

I remain thankful for my health, family, network and passion (my faith goes without saying) but the biggest addition to that list has to be my writing.

My writing started off as a means to get a message out but I have since found it to also be a form of therapy.  At one point, I was so consumed with my statistics, how many people were reading my blogs, buying my books, leaving comments… Do they like what I’m saying, it is resonating with anyone, am I being heard… I almost lost my passion for the craft but then I remembered why I started writing – to get a message out.  It no longer matters about the quantity of people that I reach as long as I continue to get those calls, emails and comments from one or two people telling me that I inspired them.  I am thankful for those people because they are the fuel that drives me to continue spilling my heart, mind and soul into this blog site.

This year I’m adding being thankful for the gift of writing and the ability to use my pen/keyboard to heal myself and a few others.

What are you thankful for?


What do you think?

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