6 Tips to Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

So you know I’m not a dermatologist or scientist but the other day while in the shower, I was thinking about skin.  Stick with me, this won’t be as perverted or as strange as it may seem.

I was thinking about all of the skin care advice that I have received since reading those teen magazines so many years ago.  Some of the advice has been followed faithfully, which along with genetics may contribute to my youthful appearance but there are a few others that sounded great in theory but kind of fell by the waist side.

When I was thirteen I took a trip to Thailand with my father.  Prior to that trip, having a skin care regiment was not a priority for me.  I was young and had always been blessed with clear skin.  Needless to say, the smog in Thailand at that time did not agree with my skin and I suffered the worst break out of my life.  My father sensing the panic attack that was about to ensue over the little bumps on my face took me to the store and bought my first Neutrogena soap and moisturizer.  Within days I was back to my normal clear skinned self and have only used something other than Neutrogena a few times.

I know that we all have a skin care story and tips on what does and doesn’t work but you know one of my favorite mottos is “sharing is caring” so I decided to share a few of my tips for healthier, younger looking skin.  Most of these apply to your facial skin but can also apply to your entire body.

  • Exfoliate – this works as well in reality as it sounds in theory… fresh, healthy skin lies below the dead skin cells on the surface.  I know that a lot of skin cleansers call for you to squeeze some in your hand, rub on your face/body and rinse but at least once per week, try putting some on a bath cloth or body/facial sponge to wipe away the layer of dead skin on the surface then rinse.  If you have sensitive skin, don’t rub too hard or you could end up looking worse than when you started.
  • Moisturize – no matter what your skin type, you should find a moisturizer to replenish some of the essential nutrients that get washed away during the cleansing process or lost through the course of life.
  • Sun screen – I don’t know much about the ozone and the toxicity of our atmospheric levels but I believe in being safe rather than sorry so I look for moisturizers, especially for my face that contain at least a SPF 15.  It doesn’t matter if you are outside 5 minutes or 5 hours, protect your skin.
  • Hydrate – for a lot of people, drinking water sucks.  They don’t like the taste or lack of taste and find that there are plenty other beverages that they would prefer to consume.  However, our bodies need water, especially if you consume large quantities of caffeine which can dehydrate the body.  Challenge yourself to drink a glass/bottle of water for every glass of something else that you drink.  Don’t think about it, just do it.
  • Destress – yes, stress can age you.  When you are constantly worried and filled with anxiety, you are not only creating mental stress and tension within your body but it also starts to show on your face in the form of wrinkles between your brow and frown lines.  When you feel your face and body starting to tense up, relax and release.
You need to take care of your skin because, unless I missed something, you can’t go out and buy more.  We spend so much time to dress and cover up our skin that we sometimes forget the basics… What are some of your skin care tips?

What do you think?

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