10 Blogs That I Love To Read

I often feel guilty when composing lists because I know that someone will be left off that I really wanted to include but just didn’t remember at the time.

At one time, I was doing a Blog of the Week and it was fun but like most good things in life – hard to maintain.  This week I considered doing another but then started to think about a few others that I would want to include which would take me through the end of the year.  Obviously, I don’t have the patience for that type of thing *lol* so I decided to share ten of the many blogs that I love to read.

  • BlaQ Daisy – Daisy, as I call her in my mind because I am not sure if that is her real name, writes from her heart about relationships and the interpretations that those experiences have on our lives.  I am particularly intrigued by her posts because she often makes the connection of how our childhood experiences create the people that we are today. @BlaQDaisy
  • For Colored Gurls – Jamie Fleming-Dixon hosts a personal empowerment blog.  Sounds interesting and cool.  However, she does it by profiling women are doing fabulous and fun stuff in their lives and following her (and her blog) helps me to expand my network with like-minded professionals.  I also love that she recognizes almost every holiday known to man and posts a quote of the day that usually gives me a positive affirmation to reflect on for the day. @forcoloredgurls
  • Just Faydra Deon – I feel special because out of all of the thousands of connections that Faydra has, I think I know her better than most *or that’s the way blogging should make you feel* Anyway, I like checking in on Faydra’s blog because it’s the place where I can go to really see what’s going on with her and to get a glimpse into the random thoughts on her mind.  Like talking to a best friend without talking to them.  Strange.  I know.  @fayda_deon
  • Mind of a Diva – I love reading Jen’s  blog because she is truly one of the most positive people that I know.  I am sure she has her ish to deal with but she’s the person that always has a kind word for someone whether she knows them or not.  Her blog is filled with savvy advice that is  helping to redefine our definition of diva while providing helpful career advice to young ladies. @jendiva1
  • Minus the Bars – I’m about to reveal something very private so don’t tell anyone but I enjoy reading Don’s blog because he writes about some things that I think but could never imagine posting on my site.  He encourages me to free myself but I’m not ready.  Until then… I will continue to live vicariously through his posts. @minusthebars
  • Rachel Maddow – yall know that I can hardly get my fix of political news but sometimes it can get a little stale, especially after watching the same stories get recycled over the course of eight hours.  Enter Rachel, she has a quick wit and uncanny ability to Connect the Dots and provide timely and relevant “additional” information about the surface stories that get reported. @maddow
  • The Dogg Blogg – Mark not only does great visual branding but he’s also a great guy.  I love reading his blog because I learn a lot about the business of creating a brand through graphics.  A lot of people think that a logo is just a pretty picture or designing a website is just buying a url but Mark understands the complexity of matching the owners personality with a clean and cohesive image… @doggdaze
  • T. Lamont Speaks – Being a single Christian trying to date is hard.  Dating is hard but add that Christian element and sometimes you want to pull your hair out.  T. Lamont has a blog that is inspiring to me because he writes about a lot of things that I think about but from the male perspective. @tlamontspeaks
  • Up For Discussion – Nothing is off-limits and everything is up for discussion… with a motto like that, how can you not visit this site on a regular basis… One of my favorites is the “Random 7 with…” I was featured one week and so have a few of my blog/twitter friends. I have also met some really cool people by reading their answers to these random seven questions that range from sexual to leaving a legacy for your family. @up4dsn
  • Young Writer’s Block – I am sure that one day you will get tired of hearing me say that the Young Writer’s Block is where I found inspiration to take my blog to the next level but hopefully today is not that day.  I love this blog because it isn’t like most blogs written by one or two people but it features a collection of blogs written by different people with different perspectives on issues that face many young adults. @yngwritersblock

6 thoughts on “10 Blogs That I Love To Read

  1. Thank you so much for listing me in your top ten! I’m so happy to be apart of the list and among some great blogs! I want to say that I love your blog as well and have learned so much from you and the topics that you feature.

    Thanks again!!


  2. spktruth2pwr says:

    Young Writers’ Block is great because of content YOU contribute! Glad you found your inspiration – because you are an amazing writer!


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