Travel Tips for Couples

The holidays are right around the corner and many couples will venture out on their first trip together.  This can be a time of great excitement mixed with a little anxiety.  Traveling, especially to visit relatives, can be tricky when doing so with someone that you like/love. Not only do you want to survive the trip but you also want a solid relationship to come home to…

This week’s guest on Late Night with LaKesha, Michael Nix, will join us to discuss some of the ups and downs that he has experienced while traveling with a special someone and I am sure he will have few funny stories from situations that he has observed.

Join us on Tuesday, November 8 from 10p to 1030p CST

call in to listen live – 646-929-2031

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Meet Michael Nix…

Michael at the New York Stock Exchange (2011)

By day Michael is a real estate appraiser in Georgia; however once the property values come in…  Michael is out – of the state and often out of the country.  Having traveled to almost every continent seeking adventure and fun, Michael is on a mission to enjoy life to the fullest.  A native New Yorker, Michael moved south to take advantage of the many professional opportunities for a business owner and real estate investor but finds himself living out of a suitcase more than his closet.  Whether skiing or snorkeling, Michael is always seeking the next challenge and opportunity to stamp his passport.


One thought on “Travel Tips for Couples

  1. Stacy Settecase says:

    The world isn’t dangerous or unsafe. Quite the opposite. There are some desperate places and people, even in your home town, but these are a minority. In fact, you’re more likely to get into trouble at home than travelling if you follow these common sense tips on your trips.^

    Our very own web blog


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