I’m in love with @ccfreestyle

Yesterday, while in Troy AL visiting my little brother we went to Zaxby’s to grab a bite to eat.  Little did I know… I was about to fall in love…

When I was diagnosed with diabetes one of the first and perhaps easiest things for me to give up was regular flavored sodas.  Once I started drinking Diet Coke, I never looked back.  There are occasions when I long for something else, however I am pretty content with the highly carbonated and refreshingly caffeinated cola.  Sprite Zero and few others do the trick but my face really lights up when I come across a Diet Sunkiss Orange or a Diet Grape soda. These instances are usually few and far between.

Imagine my surprise as I walked past this big red box inside of Zaxby’s that boosted over 100 soda combinations.  Immediately, I saw some diet options that most restaurants don’t feature but as I began to touch the screen and explore all of the options available to me… I fell in love.

From a business perspective, I instantly became intrigued with the design and functionality of such a device within restaurants.  It was a bit comical to watch some of the patrons stand in front of the machine trying to figure out what it was and how they should use it while Fast Company cites one of the original problems being people experimenting so much with drink combinations and wasting the problem.  Although the machine was introduced in 2009 to test markets, they have begun accepting national accounts this year which means we may start to see them in more restaurants that allow the self-service of beverages.

I hope this drink dispenser is the wave of the future!

Check it out and see if there is one in your area… http://coca-colafreestyle.com

Have you used a Coca-Cola Freestyle?  Share your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “I’m in love with @ccfreestyle

    • I actually wondered the same thing while sitting in the restaurant contemplating my next beverage selection. It dawned on me that the machine would probably entice me to visit a restaurant to sample beverages while suffering through mediocre food.


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