LaKesha’s Lunch with Lynet Payne: Women and Politics… Why you should get involved

Lynet and I have known each other for years and it has been a blessing to see where we came from and how we have both grown as women.  We have always had a lot in common and now we can add our political affinity as well as being proud parents to the list.  Those who know me, know that I believe we all have a responsiblity in society.  It is easy to believe that we each exist only for our own self-interest but when seeking to truly live a life of meaning you begin to understand that it involves making a contribution to society outside of your self-interest.

Although I no longer live in Nashville, I am still on Lynet’s email list and it brings me so much joy to see the types of events that her company, Mahogany Event Planning, supports and promotes.  This week I am pleased to have Lynet join us for lunch on Blog Talk Radio to discuss her political involvement and why she thinks its important for more African-Americans and specifically why more African-American women should become involved in politics.

Listen live on Wednesday, November 2 at 12p CST/ 1p EST or call 646.929.2031 to listen from your phone

Meet Lynet…

As President, CEO of Mahogany Event Planning, a small business with a passion for creating enjoyable and exciting events; by executing innovative themes, providing excellent customer service and a “stress free” client experience. Client profiles include: corporate, non-profit and organizing small social occasions for individuals from both the private and entertainment communities.

Past positions include over twenty years of: Event Management, Team Leadership, sales and customer service experience. All of which have developed into a strong sense of attention to detail, customer satisfaction and proven results as it relates to managing and balancing an effective operating budget.

Currently working within the HCA Organization, as member services representative with the health and wellness organization H2U (Health To You, LLC); Lynet has logged numerous hours and works tirelessly to promote the importance of living a healthy and balanced life; NOW!

In 2009 Lynet was recognized as a ROLE model by the Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee during their spring; Fashion for EveryBODY, fundraising campaign. Most recently invited join to the Fall 57 class of The Young Leaders Council of Middle Tennessee.

The eldest of two children reared by: Mr. Willie I. Payne, Jr. and Eval (Birge) Payne in Evanston, Illinois she has one brother Bryan and loving little cousin Demariay Birge. Following high school graduation came to Nashville in 1993 to pursue a degree in Psychology with a focus on Industrial and Organizational Psychology; Lynet attended the historic Fisk University where she excelled both in the classroom and as a student leader on campus. As a previous Executive State Director for the Miss Black Tennessee Scholarship Pageant and Organization and current Dist. 13 female representative for the DCDPEC, Lynet continues her community outreach maintaining a level of class and style, like only she can!

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter


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