Late Night with LaKesha and @TLamontSpeaks: Christian Dating Concerns

Some people try to deny that becoming a Christian changes anything in their life.  In my opinion, if nothing in your life changes then you were either doing it right all along or… well, that’s not for me to judge…

This episode of Late Night with LaKesha will deal with Christian Dating Concerns.  Dating in the secular world is a lot of fun (most of the time) but once you “find” yourself and start looking at dating through a different lens, dating becomes a little more complicated.  The things that may have once been very important to you, may not matter as much any more while other characteristics of a person can now easily become a deal breaker.

My guest T. Lamont Jackson and I will discuss some popular Christian Dating Concerns such as dealing with Jesus freaks and how much is too much… Tune in for another great episode that you won’t want to miss…

Listen Live – Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 10p CST/ 11p EST

Meet T. Lamont Jackson

Motivational, inspirational, philosophical are all words that describe T. Lamont Jackson.  He is a visionary in his own right and is currently completing several books to be released in the near future.  His aim and goal is to educate, empower and mobilize this generation and future generations to fulfill their God given mandate in the earth.  He does this through his blog site  On this site, he discusses various issues that are relevant to life and the community.  He is the author of “31 Days to Power” to be published in December 2011.  And is a minister and inspirational speaker that speaks at various churches, workshops and conferences.  He is committed to seeing all people become their very best and is always focused on a higher level of living.

Get to know him…


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