I think I know that he loves me…

Yep… that’s exactly how the words came out and they flowed perfectly.  I wasn’t even mad about it.

When describing the emotions of another person all that you have is what they tell you so how can you ever be for sure?

Of course, there’s the way they make you feel but sometimes our emotions are even more deceiving than the words from someone else’s lips…

Oh yeah, what about the things that they do?  People do all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons…

So how can you ever be for sure?


3 thoughts on “I think I know that he loves me…

  1. Suga Hill says:

    That’s so true you really put yourself out there and put trust in people based on how they claim they feel about you. You literally take a risk. Some learn early and some learn late if a person is true with their words and their actions compliment.


  2. I have been there before, and it really does feel like that an episode of ‘Sex and the City’ when Carrie is trying to figure out if Aiden is acting as her friend or boyfriend. I wish there was a way to tell one way or another by a person’s actions but there isn’t. If we really want to know then we have to break down and ask them because we will just guess if don’t. Like Suga Hill said it’s a risk. Love deals with someone giving their heart to another person and hoping that in turn they will give theirs. After that we have to hope that that person will care for our heart and not damage it.

    So we really have to see if going for love is worth the risk.


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