Late Night with LaKesha asks @YoungWayne00 How much arguing is too much?

Have you ever met one of those couples that seem to thrive on arguing?  You wonder if they ever have a civilized conversation because every time you see them, they seem to be in the midst of a war.

It seems that some people believe that women like to argue and most men run from arguments, however… it takes two to tango.

According to this article, there are six things that a couple should argue about.  My question for my guest Dwayne Young is “how much arguing is too much?” At what point should a couple consider just breaking up? Or is disagreeing a vital component of a healthy relationship?  What are your thoughts?  I’m interested to hear from you and to get a guy’s view on this subject.

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Meet Dwayne Young…

Dwayne Young AKA YoungWayne is an energetic, young, but mature entertainer/host. He hails from the Windy City of Chicago. He is an educated young man from Whitney Young High School and furthered his education at the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he majored in Business-Finance. He had the ability to learn, but his greatest gift was to entertain and bring smiles to many faces. He has done many public speaking forums for children and adults as well. He has hosted/MC the Pro Am basketball tournament at South Suburban College the last two years. He has also hosted various fashion and talent shows around the city and other cities as well. He is currently playing an extra role in NBC’s The Playboy Club that began airing in September. His smile, quick on his feet comments, and interpersonal and mature wordplay has made him applicable to all walks of entertainment. People refer to him as “Hilarious” and “The life of the show.” He is extremely humble at all times and just wants to entertain and help others around him attain their dreams. This guy is destined for greatness.


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