Late Night with LaKesha and @DeanCantave: should friends become lovers?

This is one of those questions that we may never reach a consensus on but it is so much fun to discuss…

Should friends become lovers?

I have had a few (or more) guy friends try to convince me that nothing would change … except a few things… if we went from friends to lovers.  I dipped my toe in that water and let’s just say, I have my opinions to share.  However, I am far more interested in hearing what my guest thinks, from the male perspective.  Do guys really believe that they can become lovers with a friend and nothing really change?  More importantly, are guys capable of just being friends with a female?

I know you have some questions and comments and we want to hear from you…

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Get to know Dean…

Born and raised on the south-side Chicago, a fanatical father to Dean Cantave Jr., graduate of Chicago State University, U.S. Navy veteran having served 6 years with multiple tours overseas in the Arabian Gulf and the Mediterranean, a seasoned expert in IT and Project Management with 10 years experience and an Entrepreneur, Dean Cantave Sr. currently works in the Information Technology field in Project Management while also developing an online business from home in Internet Marketing and Social Media where he mentors people on how to use the Internet to make a living from home. With a background in Information Technology and electronics he has worked for several organizations as well as the U.S. Government as a consultant. With 10 years of experience in Networking, Server administration and Local Area Network administration for corporate and government as well as desktop computer software and hardware maintenance and installation he has a passion for technology and what it can do to help improve our lives. He is also an avid Internet Marketer and online business development specialist where he looks to connect with other business professionals and anyone aspiring to replace their 9-5 job in order to help them increase their brand online, increase profits, and achieve their own personal financial goals through marketing their business on the Internet. He is very ambitious, a proud father, and successful in his own right showing others how to be successful through business ownership and a supporter of higher education as a doorway to living a successful and happy life.

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5 thoughts on “Late Night with LaKesha and @DeanCantave: should friends become lovers?

  1. Ohhh this will be an interesting topic.

    I think the short answer is yes and no. I think in my experience, I have dated friends, and then when things didn’t work out, we had to fight to retool the friendship we had before. It was always a conscious and hard fought move. Anyone who thinks you can just slide in and out of these zones like Crisco in a frying pan is kidding themselves.


  2. Don says:

    Enjoy the show. Very amusing and informative. All I have to say: Dean Cantave For President ’12

    Far as the question: yes, men and women can be friends. Long as they never undress in front of one another.


  3. Don says:

    No, seriously, I believe that as long as the man and woman hold an understanding of being friends and friends only, temptation is removed.

    If situations arise where both are flirting with temptation there’s a strong possibility that human nature will arrive in good fashion.


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