When rappers battle…

At first I didn’t get it…

It seemed like some rapper would pick a battle with another rapper, usually someone more famous than themselves, the picked on rapper would respond and a battle would ensue.  Bystanders of this battle would often be perplexed as to why the two were battling.  After all, isn’t there enough of an audience for the two to co-exist?

Apparently not… 

And apparently this phenomena is not limited to rappers.  It happens in business also.  I’m happy that I’m the type of person who doesn’t take things too seriously or too personally but I am easily amused.  I like to sit back and watch people who think there isn’t enough pie in the world for everyone to eat.  They seem to think because all pies aren’t made like theirs that NO ONE will want to eat one of the pies OR they think if you use a few of the same ingredients then you’re trying to make a pie like theirs.

Here are my questions… 

Why do people focus so much on others?  Why are they so quick to criticize what someone else is doing instead of focusing on their own goals?  Why do you think you have to try to bring someone else down to lift yourself up?  And we won’t even go into why you have to bring Jesus into your mess.  I watch people who say they are all about helping others yet at every chance available to them, they are doing something to tear someone else down.

I’m going to be honest with you…

I don’t have much to give… to you or to anyone else.  At one point, I probably thought I could save the world and heal all of its ails but I realized that’s not me.  I love to write, I love to travel and I love to spend time with my friends and family.  I’m blessed that I can write blogs that 20 people may read in a day or 200.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.  I had something to say and I said it.  Some people like it, some don’t, some comment, others don’t.  It doesn’t matter.  I found a process that allows me to publish books at will.  Some people buy them, a lot of you won’t but at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter either.  When I published my first book, I was freaking out about selling them and one person asked, if your book helps one person then can you consider it a success?  After some time, I realized the answer… Yes.  I don’t have to change the world.  I don’t have to change you.  But there is some ONE that appreciates what I do and I’m cool with that.

No matter what you may think of me… I’m free…

I’m mentally free to be who I want to be.  That person may seem like a success to some, a role model to others but there are those who look at what I’m doing and think they can do it better.  They think because I didn’t do certain things to live up to their expectation of me that I’m a disappointment.  Guess what… at some point each and every one of you will be disappointed by me just as at some point you will disappoint me.  I’m ok with that.  The only perfect person to walk this earth was Christ and I’m humbled to report that I’m not Christ.  I do my best with what I have but some days I pull out my “eff em” card and behave just as selfishly as you do.  I don’t care what you think or what you want me to do… I’m doing me.

I see battles all around me and I’m sure I could engage in a few of them but I prefer to sit back and enjoy the view.  When you spend time talking bad about other people and trying to bring them down, you only make yourself look bad.  The information that I share with my audience is compiled from lessons I have learned through my own experiences.  I’m blessed not to have to rely on fake battles to build me up because the devil is a liar… I don’t have any haters 😉


8 thoughts on “When rappers battle…

  1. Don says:

    A post that pretty much sums up my current attitude in Life. And I’m okay with it. I tried to show everyone I came into contact with heart, buy instead they choose to rip it apart. So now I’m stronger and wiser and I can stand back and pick apart insincerity and I LOVE when they bring God into the mix …

    My motto: I like who like me – deal with it.

    Good read, and I see you are steadily printing more Eff It cards.



    • I like your motto also… “I like who like me – deal with it” So often we think we can and should be friends with everyone when that’s not possible. It is best to find people who are operating on the same accord.


  2. Well said. Just be free. I really like this post. Often times we are so focused on what other people expect us to be and the impact we are expected to have, its good to refreshing to remember how important our own passions and expectations for ourselves!


    • I know you are involved in a million projects so I can only imagine the amount of “pressure to perform” that comes with each of those tasks. It is very important that you stay focused on what matters to you so that you can sustain.


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