LaKesha’s Lunch with @JenDiva1: Do you know the friendship rules?

Let’s be honest… 

There are a lot of rules in life – some are written while others are unwritten and there are quite a few that we make up as we go along.  I think the friendship rules fall into that last category.  Much like every other relationship in our lives, we have the power to create the type of situation that best fits us and hopefully the other person/people involved.

Jennifer Baker, Founder of the Mind of a Diva blog, is joining me for lunch on Wednesday, September 21st at 12p CST to discuss her friendship rules.  If you read her blog, which I highly recommend, you will see that Jennifer has a great perspective on life and how we should interact with each other.

Join us and share your friendship rules – comment below… comment on the show page… tweet us – @LaKeshaWomack @JenDiva1 @MindofaDiva using #LWBTR

Meet Jennifer…

Jennifer Baker is a native of Dallas, Texas. She attended Texas State University to study Mass Communications. While in college she wrote for the school newspaper, became Vice President of an organization, and started blogging about entertainment news. She graduated with her Bachelors degree in 2009 and began pursuing her career.

In 2010 she started looking for a way to blog about something more personal than entertainment news. After some soul-searching and prayer she developed Mind of a Diva, a blog that uses the life experiences of a twenty-year-old to redefine the meaning of being a diva. She recently launched Mind of a Diva as its own site and is continuing to reach young women through her writing.

She was as a sponsor of the I Want It All Conference. When she is not writing Jennifer loves to shop and hang out with family and friends.


2 thoughts on “LaKesha’s Lunch with @JenDiva1: Do you know the friendship rules?

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful write up about me and Mind of a Diva. I’m so excited about our conversation tomorrow and I can’t wait. This is going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to talk with you and hear the listeners thoughts.


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