Not Impossible, I’m Possible – Keith L Brown

Have you heard the Motivator of the Millenium, Keith L. Brown?

If not, you should definitely make plans to check him out if he is ever in your area.  He’s not your typical motivational speaker that will stand at the podium and attempt to move you to excellence with a series of eloquent words or self boasting.  Keith specializes in working with youth and speaking in educational arenas so he brings a powerful message as well as a ton of excitement in a style that the youth and adults relate to.

I had the pleasure of seeing Keith for the second time this morning at Reid State Technical College in Evergreen AL as a member of the Remington College entourage.  His message was so meaningful that I wanted to share with you six lessons that I took away…

  1. You should delete five people from your cell phone that don’t belong there.  Sadly, I am sure we can all think of five people who say they have our best interest at heart when in reality, it seems like they exist just to bring us down.  Yeah… those people, go ahead and delete them.
  2. Your outlook will determine your output which will impact your outcome.  Think about it… it all starts with how you view a situation and what you do about it.  Don’t play the victim in your own life.
  3. I’ve used this one since the first time I heard him speak – if you’re the smartest person in your clique, you need a new clique.  If you find that you can’t learn from the people around you then you need to move to the next level.  Of course some people won’t like it because they are probably used to drawing from you but you need to be around people who you can draw from as well.  The company you keep will determine the level you reach.
  4. Hang around with people who celebrate you and not tolerate you.  This isn’t to say you need friends that are always kissing your a$$ but you need to be around people who can celebrate your successes with you and not constantly point out your flaws (in the name of friendship and love) but that will accept you for who you are and help you to become better.
  5. Don’t focus on a certain number of friends/followers rather a number of people who you can be certain of.  In the age of social media it can become tempting to get caught up in how many people are in our circles but you need to shift your focus to those people who know have your back.  When you really think about it, that may only be about 2-3% but that’s ok.  Realize that people come in your life for a reason and a season.  When its time for them to go or you to move on, don’t be mad, don’t hold people hostage in your life or social network.  Be happy with the people who want to be happy with you.
  6. The 40/40/40 job plan doesn’t exist anymore so you need a new plan – you know, working 40 years for 40 hours a week making about $40,000 a year and then retiring.  If your just looking for a job (being Just Over Broke) then you are missing the mark.  Keith says there are two great days in your life – the day you are born and the day you discover why you were born.

Keith L. Brown is such an inspiration and has a magical way of connecting with youth but he also dispenses words of wisdom that many adults often need to be reminded to follow.

Check out Keith’s website –, follow him on Twitter@KeithLBrown, and like him on Facebook  –






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