10 Years Ago Today… #911

There are some days that stick in your mind and rarely rear their heads but once they do, you remember every detail as if it were just happening.  For many Americans September 11 of 2001 is one of those days.  3,650 days have passed since then but many of us can recount each detail of the morning our country changed forever.

This day was perhaps the first time that many of us realized the true effects of war.  Most of the major catastrophic war-like events have occurred overseas, in someone else’s backyard.  In the past National Geographic was our primary source of images depicting war conditions followed by some traditional media and now social media and popular news channels but it didn’t really hit home until our hearts began to ache for the civilians who senselessly lost their lives because of terrorist acts.

I learned while watching a news program the other night that more than 200,000 Muslims have been killed as a result the subsequent “war on terror.”  I was further dismayed when Dick Chaney casually brushed off the torture of Muslims to attain valuable information.  Ironically, as I suspected, on interrogator commented that he did not feel like torture was an effective tactic to attain valuable information because the suspects were not able to follow a cohesive thought process.

This is not to debate the rights or wrongs of war or torture but as we reflect on the lives lost – American and Muslim – since September 11, 2001; it is my prayer that we will remember the value of life and not take another day for granted.  I have heard story after story about persons who were supposed to be at work and narrowly escaped becoming a victim of that horrendous act.

What has to happen in your life for you to remember that every day and every one is a  precious gift from God?

Thank You...

As we take this day to honor those who lost their lives, sacrificed their lives to save others and those who are still serving in the wars that were supposed to rectify the situation; consider the contributions that you are making in your life and those around you.  Look back over the past ten years and evaluate whether you are moving closer to your dreams or wasting time away…


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