Here Comes The Bride…

My great friend, Jamie Fleming, is getting married tomorrow and I could not be happier for her.  Jamie and I have been talking about and planning for this day since last fall and it is so hard to believe that tomorrow is the big day.

Jamie Fleming & Chris Dixon

Prior to working with Jamie on her wedding, I thought I wanted a big wedding.  I imagined about 250 of our closest friends gathering in their formal wear to watch me walk down the aisle as he shed tears of glee from the sight of me in a gorgeous designer gown.  I imagined working the dinner room and receiving congratulations and hugs from the people who care most about me as I planned to embark upon this new phase of my life with the love of my life.  I imagined dancing the night with my girlfriends as we reminisced about our days as single ladies.

However, through the course of planning with Jamie for her big day and a series of events in my personal life; I began to rethink what my ideal day will look like.  One of the things that I realized and continuously reminded Jamie was that the most important aspect of this event was becoming Chris’ wife.

So many women have visions of what their day will look like and put so much effort into the planning and preparing for this momentous occasion but we often overlook what’s really important – the life after the big day.  After the guests are gone, the cake has been eaten and the pictures are taken; you have pledged the rest of your life to this person.

Jamie and Chris are so grounded and almost unfazed by a lot of the pomp and circumstance that is usually involved in weddings.  Their focus has been having their closest family and friends join them while maintaining a budget that will allow them to build a life once the day is over.  Watching her navigate through the process and take everything that came her way in stride made me realize that I want a similar experience.  I don’t really want to spend a year focusing on details to make sure 250 people are happy.  I would rather focus on planning for the life that will come after the day.  Of course, I want a nice wedding but I only want to share it with the people who I know genuinely care about us and want to share in our happiness.

Congratulations Jamie and Chris and thank you God for revealing some things to me through them.  I wish you both happiness, good health and the strength to endure whatever may come your way.


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