5 Things I Want to Hear in the GOP Debate Tonight

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The GOP Debate will air tonight on NBC and I cannot wait.  Over the past weeks, I have been listening to a lot of political rhetoric from this group of presidential hopefuls without having anyone to hold them accountable for the statements they are making while stomping the campaign trail.  Most of them have been extremely critical of our existing President and seem to think that they will do a better job so these are the five things I want to hear from them so I can make a good decision about my future.

  1. How would you create an environment of cooperation in Washington?  Although many Republicans seem intent on opposing anything proposed by our current President, this discourse will no doubt having a last effect on the relationships among current politicians and possibly cause some to lose their reelection bids.  How will you help to create a positive environment in Washington?
  2. What are your plans for small business owners?  Small business owners, contrary to popular opinion, are some of the drivers of our economy yet most tax incentives are reserved for larger corporations.  Making dollars available for small business loans is a start but based on the loan requirements many SBO’s don’t qualify so what else can be done to increase the probability of success for entrepreneurs?
  3. What are your plans to continue or discontinue the transparency that the Obama Administration has instituted?  Based on the double talk that many of the candidates are speaking (your book says one thing while you are saying another, creative recants of American history, etc), how will you allow the American people to hold you accountable to your campaign promises?
  4. What can be done to provide mortgage relief for Americans?  We had little problems with bailing out the banks that provided bad loans to people in the tune of billions dollars yet little has been done to significantly help Americans who are stuck with overvalued loans on undervalued properties because the banks do not want to lose money by adjusting them to their fair value.  Rather than suing these institutions, how can we make them give the money back to the people who lost their homes or are currently stuck with bad mortgages?  Do you believe that correcting this problem is a positive economic stimulus (i.e. the people receiving this money would be able to invest it in the economy thus creating an increase in demand for certain goods which would require companies to hire more workers, not out of the goodness of their corporate hearts but to fill the demand for their goods)?
  5. What are your views on equality for all Americans?  So much talk has been going on about immigration, minority, abortion and same-sex issues, I am curious how the candidates plan to represent all Americans and not just those who look like and act like them.  Whether you agree with certain issues or not, many of them should not be politicized and doing so, in my opinion, may make some people feel good religiously or spiritually but it infringes on the rights of others.  How do you plan to represent all Americans and ensure that we all have the freedom to choose who we want to be and how we want to live?

I have heard enough of the fiery and emotional campaign speeches.  It is time to talk about some common sense solutions to the problems that ail our country.  If you don’t have answers and prefer to dance around the issues and avoid direct answers; I would prefer you do that within the confines your home state and not as a representative of the UNITED States of America.  I am sick of divisiveness and will not support anyone, regardless of political affiliation, whose only strategy is to criticize and cause Americans to have negative sentiments about each other.

What questions would you like answered tonight?  Submit below and let’s see if these candidates are as in tune with us as they think.


2 thoughts on “5 Things I Want to Hear in the GOP Debate Tonight

  1. I can tell you exactly what they will say
    1. Obama sux
    2. democrats sux
    3. abortion sux
    4. socialism sux
    5. tax cuts
    6. oh yeah, we don’t believe in evolution
    7. let’s get back to what America is about..

    did i miss anything?


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