Will Irene help stimulate our economy?

Hurricane Irene

Image by Fragile Oasis via Flickr

Every dark cloud has a silver lining…

Well, maybe not every dark cloud but sometimes you have to look on the bright side of a bad situation.  If you don’t, you might miss out on an opportunity.

As the northeast is preparing for Hurricane Irene to hit, most people are thinking about making it through the weekend.  However, some people who see life as an opportunity are thinking about what will happen once the storm passes.

Are you in a business or have the ability to capitalize financially on the clean up of storm debris?  If you have gardening skills, there will be some people who may need help replanting flowers and trees.  If you are handy with a chainsaw or can lift heavy objects, there may be some people and/or businesses that may need help cleaning trees or debris from private property.  Do you have a skill/ability that can be useful once the clean up begin?  While bunkered down, think about how you can put that skill/ability to use once everyone comes up for air.

Here’s the deal, I’m not saying this is your chance to make a killin’ and take advantage of poor and old people who really need your help.  There will be some people who you should help out the kindness of your heart but if there are people and/or businesses that are seeking to hire someone to help them and you have the ability/skills; you need to be prepared to do so.

On the flip side, they are already estimating that the damage caused by the storm will be in the billions of dollars.  It makes me wonder how this money is circulated into our economy.  Could this dark cloud be a small piece of the silver lining that our economy needs?  After all, all of the building materials and supplies have to purchased as well as food and supplies.

What do you think… will Hurricane Irene help to stimulate our economy?

Side note… if you are in an area that is being evacuated, please pack up your stuff and go… if you are in an area that is being warned to prepare for power outages, please do so… this is NOT the time to become a conspiracy theorist and think the news and government are doing this to stimulate the economy… it’s possible that it won’t be that bad but what if it is… it’s better to be safe than sorry…


4 thoughts on “Will Irene help stimulate our economy?

  1. I remember after Frederick, we had a brother come down from Atlanta. He was one of a few, but he came down to Mobile, and helped to clean it up. He was quite enterprising and I never forgot him so yes, money can be made because I’m sure some of the evacuees may come this way or go to the Midwest or so. They will need shelter, food, some stability so yes a buck can be made. I went through some hurricanes and I know for a fact that money is in the aftermath.


  2. I was thinking the same thing. How is the supposed “wealth” that is being destroyed circulated in our economy. Nice to see I’m not the only one who is thinking about this. I saw another blog claiming that natural disasters don’t help the economy because of the wealth they destroy. I have to ask myself how that wealth had been circulating as well. Nice blog LaKesha!


    • Thank you. I think it causes insurance dollars to be used to purchase supplies to rebuild and the government to rebuild infrastructure. Not sure about the destroyed wealth but I would be interested in hearing that side of the argument.


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