What I learned from his first week in kindergarten

Kristian started kindergarten last Monday and as much as it was a new learning experence for him; it taught me a few things also…

  1. My super short new hair cut was definitely the right decision.  Being able to get up and brush my hair so I don’t look like a wild woman at 7am saves us both time and embarrassment.
  2. Homework (yes, there is homework in kindergarten) isn’t just about the work but a great bonding experience and chance to hear him talk out what he has learned that day.
  3. Preparation is key.  Having everything ready the night before allows me to get us both ready in less than thirty minutes which prevents me from having to wake him up at the crack of dawn.  Also, weekend shopping for snacks and after school meals and creating a dinner menu for the week prevents me from wasting time trying to figure out what we are going to eat each day.
  4. Find a routine that works for you.  Just because your friends do it one way doesn’t mean its going to work that way for you and your kid.  Kris and I had to try out a few things last week to find the right timeline.  It meant missing football practice that week but getting him settled into his routine is more important to me than extracurricular activities.  So far, we have settled on – after school snack, cartoons, nap, homework, dinner, playtime, bath, story time and a bed with football practice woven in on Tuesday and Thursday.
  5. Get their day off to a good start.  A lady once told me that she always tries to wake her kids up with a smile on their face.  This isn’t always possible but it is helpful to wake them up with enough time to get things done without rushing.  I make time for us to have some small talk, watch a few minutes of his favorite cartoon and to get his juices flowing before throwing him into a classroom with 16 other kids. Just like your day is impacted by how it starts, I believe that is magnified for kids because most of the time they have less control over the process than we do.
Kristian’s first day of school – August 8, 2011

I hope that you and your kids have a wonderful school year.  Don’t forget to check out these posts – Tips to Help Your Kids with Homework and Is your child afraid to be smart?





6 thoughts on “What I learned from his first week in kindergarten

    • He was filled with mixed emotions. I was more anxious than he was because he has been at home with me for the last year so I wasn’t sure how I was going to adjust without him. He’s fiercely independent, much like his mom, so he’s already ready to be dropped off in the mornings (no more walking him to his classroom) and to ride the bus in the evening (mommy, you don’t have to pick me up).


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