the FAITH project by @DrFaithAbraham has arrived!

I was sitting here trying to remember when and where Dr. Faith and I met but have no idea.  It just seems like we’ve known each other for ever but it’s only been a few years.  She the wife of a visionary and the mommy of two sweet little kids. However, those aren’t the only titles that represent Dr. Faith and I love receiving her newsletters filled with inspiration and updates on her upcoming projects.

This week’s newsletter was a super treat because it featured three tracks from her soon to be released (I didn’t even know she could sing) CD.  Take a sneak peek and make sure you order your copy.  This God serving lady has no other choice but to soar.

So far, my favorite track is Higher, Track 1 but my son likes to dance to Track 3, Igwe (Lover of My Soul).  Check out the tracks and let me know what you think – 


Dr. Faith is also featured in my book, “Success Secrets of the Young & Fabulous” and once you check her out, you will definitely understand why.




What do you think?

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