Book Review: Rewrite Your Story by @LadyShiv

There are some people who from the moment you meet you them, you feel like you have known them for their entire life.  When you walk away from the conversation, you have a clear sense of where they’ve been, where they are now and where they are headed in life.  You know about those major events in their life that shaped them and made them the person that they are today.  You may be a little uncertain about how appropriate these revelations are in the context of how long you have known the person but the information has been shared and a bond made.

This is not the case with Ms. Shivawn Mitchell. She isn’t the kind of the person that easily opens up to people nor does she feel the need to overshare.  She is very humble, has a sincere desire to help others and will have you dying laughing over the silliest little thing.  But to get to that point with her takes time.

We first met when she hired me as a consultant to help her with a project.  I could tell that it was a little difficult for her because she is a do-it-yourselfer.  During the course of us working together, we got to know each other but even after several months of regular conversation, I still didn’t consider her a friend.  We were cool.

After some time had passed and we were no longer working together but bbm friends, we started to get to know each other better and found that we have quiet a bit in common.  I still don’t know everything about her which is why I so intrigued when I received my section of “Rewrite Your Story” to preview.  I was finally going to get some insight into this young lady that I once nicknamed, Media Mogul.

The first chapter titled, Loving Him More Than Me, starts with

We’ve all, at some point, loved someone or something. So, if you can’t relate to loving someone, replace it with whatever you put before yourself. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, negative talk about your life or overeating, there has been something that has made you lose who you are for a moment. You may not have realized it at that moment or even now. The love of anything more than self is a road to destruction.

The chapter continues by describing a very personal and painful experience from her past.  I was surprised at the level of insight that she provided about the incident and the way she was able to interweave advice that could help someone else avoid making a similar mistake.  Based on the section that I have read, I can’t wait for my autographed copy to arrive in the mail.

You can get yours by visiting and preorder a copy today.


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