Movie Review: Cars 2

[138/365] New Mater

Image by goaliej54 via Flickr

I really enjoyed the first Cars movie and wasn’t very excited about the second installation because I couldn’t imagine where the story line would go.  As much as I love Disney’s animated movies, they can sometimes be quite predictable and I often wait for their cable release.

If that’s your reason for not taking the kids (or going by yourself) to see Cars 2 (click link to view YouTube trailer of movie) then fret no longer and make your way to the box office to buy your movie ticket.

My son is a very active five-year old and I often worry during movies that he won’t sit still or that it will lose his attention.  It never fails that he starts talking, wants something to eat or has to go the bathroom once I start to get into the movie.  However, during this movie outing, he sat in seat with his eyes wide open and a huge smile on his face.  During a few scenes, he sat up and was at full attention.  I can not help but give a movie that has this effect on  my son, a five-star rating.

In case you’re wondering, I enjoyed it also.  The story line was advanced enough to keep my attention as well but I didn’t feel like they crossed line and made me concerned my son would figure out what they were really talking about.  I was pleasantly surprised that Tow Mater played the lead with Lightening McQueen still having a major presence in the supporting role.

I highly recommend taking your kids to see Cars 2…


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