My highlights from the @BET Awards

I know a lot of people watch the BET Awards for the musical performances and to see what their favorite celebrities are wearing.  Normally, those are the same reasons that I watch, however my highlight from this year’s award show was their technology integration.  Since becoming a Twitter junkie (I’ve been in recovery for the past few months), I’ve enjoyed following my friends throughout the country as we watched and provided our commentary on our favorite and least favorite moments.  But it was great to see BET riding the technology wave and using the HTC EVO 4G to announce the winners, despite the EPIC (a word I don’t use loosely or often) fail during the viewer’s choice award.  Of course, there were a few areas that could have used some improvement, however the fact that BET made the bold leap forward is commendable.  It probably would have been easier to keep doing the show the way that it always has been done but to step out and try something new is a step in the right direction for a brand whose primarily audience is young adults actively engaged with technology and social media.

Other memorable moments…

  • The Real Husbands of Hollywood
  • Kevin Hart as the No Man (thank you for saying what a lot of us think)
  • Free’s body proportion – mama’s got sass!!
  • Kelly Rowland – definitely not the same young lady we saw in Destiny’s Child, she’s all woman and working it
  • Ceelo – need I say more…
  • Steve Harvey‘s speech – I’m not huge fan but I have respect for all that he does in the community and for him to stand and boldly proclaim the influence God has played in his success made for one of the best acceptance speeches that I’ve heard in a while
I’m sure there are a million more that stand out in your mind but those are the ones that are still lingering with me.

What do you think?

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