Is he/she really in to you? Let’s ask Tim Ervin @theweekendpass

We’ve all been there… You know what I’m talking about, you believe the words that are coming out of a person’s mouth despite the actions that are right before your face.  Once the situation (nope, it wasn’t really a relationship) dissolves, you look back and can see all of the signs that he/she wasn’t ever really in to you.  You wanted make things work so bad, for whatever reason, and you chose to overlook the red flags and the elephant in the room staring you in the face.

Join my guest, Tim Ervin, and I as we discuss the signs that will help you to figure out if the man/woman in your life is really feeling you the way you think they are.  Make sure you tune in to this show because I will be making a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the show.

How do you know? What are the signs that he/she isn’t really in to you? We want to know what you think… join us tonight on Blog Talk Radio (March 29, 2011 at 10pm CST).

Here’s how you can participate – share your comments and questions via

  • Twitter – @LaKeshaWomack – during the show (between 945p and 1020p CST)
  • Call in to the show (646.929.2031) and request to speak with Tim and LaKesha
  • Email me prior to the show –

About Tim Ervin….

Founder, The Weekend Pass

For more than three years Timothy C. Ervin has been keeping the River Region informed that “There is always something to do in Montgomery”.   In 2008, Ervin founded The Weekend Pass — an e-newsletter, website and magazine that features weekly information entertainment events, concerts, plays, live performances and much more. Simply, it’s strictly to let you know what’s going on in Montgomery.  In 2010, Ervin was named one of theUltimate 50 by Montgomery Spotlight Magazine and named one of Spotlight Alabama Magazine’s Power 40 Under 40.

Ervin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications / Public Relations from Alabama State University and has more than 20 years of media relations, marketing, communications and writing experience.  He is currently employed as a media relations specialist for ASU and in that capacity he developed a magazine series celebrating the 25th Year of ASUToday Magazine.  The five part series profiled 25 Outstanding Alumni in Education; Medicine; Government, Military and Law; Business; and Arts and Entertainment.  The series was awarded the 2010 Award of Excellence for Publications by the Public Relations Council of Alabama and the 2010 Lantern Award by the Southern Public Relations Federation.

He also created and maintains the Hornet Happenings: Weekly Buzz, an e-newsletter which is distributed to more than 8,000 alumni, students, media, faculty, staff and friends of ASU – the first of its kind for the university.

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