Is it safe to mix business with pleasure?

We’ve all heard the saying that you should never mix business with pleasure but I am sure it is still being done every day.  Not only are office mates hooking up but people are exchanging favors for business deals.

What are your thoughts?  Does it matter if you mix business with pleasure or should it be avoided?  Join my guest, Skylyn Haggins, a professional in the entertainment industry to discuss whether hooking up can really get you ahead or hold you back.

We want to know what you think… join us tonight on Blog Talk Radio (March 22, 2011 at 10pm CST).

Here’s how you can participate – share your comments and questions via

  • Twitter – @LaKeshaWomack – during the show (between 945p and 1020p CST)
  • Call in to the show (646.929.2031) and request to speak with Skylyn and LaKesha
  • Email me prior to the show –

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About Skylyn Haggins…


Skylyn is the Station Manager for DSLRadio; Co-Host of the Grind & Sky Show with  Bobby Grind; Co-Founder Grind Kidz, Chief Operating Officer at Radio City Radio and does promotions for Rhino Silver.
He is one of the hardest working men in entertainment and a pleasure to network with.


Find him online:


One thought on “Is it safe to mix business with pleasure?

  1. Roderick says:

    Mix Business with pleasure… hmmmm…Only if you really, really, really, really, like the person… Did I mention really… Lol


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