This business rocks… @MochaWriter

One of the criteria for me to consider a business “rocking” is their desire to use their business not only to make a profit but to share their network with others and to make the business world a better place to work.  I know that may sound weird but what’s the point of building a powerful network just to use it for yourself or to try to pimp out your connections (you know, charging people for access to your connections)?

My friend, Jamie Fleming is the Owner of a copywriting service, Mocha Writer.  I feel comfortable referring her to clients because I trust the quality of her work.  Her process is so effortless.  We have completed several projects solely through email communication and I was 100% pleased with the quality of the finished project.

Writing copy for a website, newsletter or press release can be extremely time-consuming and often creatively challenging. To attain success, we have to learn how to work smarter, not harder.  Hiring a professional copywriter to join your team is solid investment.

Check Jamie out…

Get fabulous copywriting that works.


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