Do good guys really finish last? 5 reasons women like bad boys

I have heard so many guys say that they think good guys or nice guys finish last.  In some instances, I have even seen this happen.  You know the guy that does all he can to make a woman happy but she leaves him for someone who could care less about her emotional, financial or sexual well-being. Is this SOP (standard operating practice) in dating or a perception?

If women are attracted to “bad boys”, why?  What makes her choose instability over the nice, safe guy that wants to treat her right?

I know you have your theories on both sides of the issues, so join me on Blog Talk Radio, tonight (March 8, 2011 at 10pm) for a lively discussion.

Here’s how you can participate – share your comments and questions via

  • Twitter – @LaKeshaWomack – during the show (between 945p and 1020p CST)
  • Call in to the show (646.929.2031) and request to speak with the hostess
  • Email me prior to the show –

Log on to listen online or call 646.929.2031 and listen from your phone.




What do you think?

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