How much do you need to know?

It has dawned me in this information obsessed society that we live in that too much information can be harmful and often unnecessary.

What am I talking about you might ask?  Let me cite a few instances where I find this to be true for me personally…

  • Ministers – (feel free to disagree) but ministers are human and subject to human behavior which means that at some point they will do something human like make a mistake.  As a part of my ministry, I have had the pleasure/displeasure of getting to know a lot of ministers.  Sometimes when we see someone in a pulpit and hear their sermons, it is easy to believe what they are saying and to want to follow their direction.  However, if you get to know them personally and their “real” life doesn’t match their “spiritual” life; it can be disappointing.  In that instances, we are faced with doing something that we should not be doing, judging them.  So, I have to ask myself, “how much do I want to know?”
  • National Security – it bothers me, not sure if it’s justified or not, but nevertheless, it bothers me that we feel like we have a right to know about every detail of American’s natural security.  Yes, we ALL need to be concerned about the  direction our country is headed in but how much of the details do we really need to know?  The dissemination of this information through public media such as online sites, news shows and newspapers is not just available to Americans concerned with the best interest of our country but those bad people that we are fighting against.  Guess what… most of them can read and have cable/internet access. This means that they are also privileged to the same information.  Is our need to know doing more harm to our national security or good?
  • Celebrities – The recent Charlie Sheen incident has really hammered this home for me.  I understand that we should be concerned about him as a human but is the attention to his problems doing more good than harm?  It seems that he is feeding off the media attention and possibly parlaying it into an opportunity to ask the television network for a raise.  How many other celebrities have taken advantage of our nosiness and used it to propel their personal brand (think about the Kardansians)?

I am sure that there more examples to cite but why doesn’t our need to know extend to the international unrest in Egypt or the natural disasters happening throughout the world and the source of their frequent occurences?  Why don’t we consider Nobel Peace Prize winners to be celebrities and role models?

I don’t have the answer but ask yourself, “how much do you need to know about other people’s life?”


What do you think?

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