This business rocks! S.H.E. Agency

I’ve written about what a great person I think Traci Smith is on a couple of previous occasions but today I want to share with you five (5) reasons I think her company, S.H.E. Agency rocks.

5.   SHE keeps me updated on the professional events in Montgomery.  Even though I don’t live in the city and rarely get out for socializing, Traci consistently provides information about events I find professional and interesting.

4.  SHE is a trendsetter.  I have had so many people, who don’t live in our area, ask what a Tweet and Greet is.  So far, Traci has hosted two events with a third planned for April.  At each event, I have the opportunity to network with people I tweet on an almost daily basis.  I was surprised at how few local tweople were in my network prior to attending the first Tweet and Greet.  Many of the people who I have met at the two events have become very good friends.

3.  SHE has a heart.  Traci uses her company to reach out and help others.  SHE has created two signature events that have the potential to change the lives of many young people.  “All Dolled Up” and “All Tied Up” were created for girls and boys, respectively, between the ages of 13 and 18.  The half day workshops teach life skills that are essential to the success of these future professionals as well as showing them how to tie scarves and ties.

2.  SHE is a sponsor of the I Want It All! Conference.  This is a shameless plug because anyone who has ever planned a major event knows that it takes a village to execute a one day event.  I am in the midst of planning four days of seminars, breakfasts, lunches, a brunch, networking event and a fashion show.  Having Traci and S.H.E. Agency on my team gives me comfort because she not the type of person to let you down, especially if her name is associated with the project.

1.  SHE understands quality over quantity.  I love the fact that SHE stays focused on what SHE does well and doesn’t try to be all over the road in an attempt to please everyone.  SHE has found her niche and I am excited to see what comes next.

Style. Hot. Energy.

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