Live from the Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Kenny

I hope you haven’t missed the past few weeks of me interviewing Chefs on Blog Talk Radio as a co-host with Chef Amadeus.  Each of the chef’s have shared some of their favorite recipes and tips to use cooking as a tool to spice up your relationship.  Make sure you tune in this Wednesday, February 16 at 3pm; Chef Amadeus and I will be interviewing Chef Kenny live in the Southern Passion Lounge.

Live from the Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Kenny

Chef Kenny


As a young boy, Kenny discovered his love for culinary while assisting his grandmother with preparing family meals, especially during holiday season.  This Washington DC native recalls “The  first dish my grandmother taught me was celery and butter cornbread stuffing for Thanksgiving turkey and from that experience I learned what soul cooking was truly about also the spirit of hospitality, I’ve been hooked on cooking every since.”

A former vocalist, after graduating high school he pursued music at the University of the District of Columbia on a vocal scholarship where he studied classical voice and piano.  Kenny continued to make a name for himself in the D.C. metropolitan area as a premier vocalist but life would lead him down a different path and back to culinary arts.  In 2005, Kenny left DC and moved to New York to follow his dream of singing, but his love of food only grew with the culinary delights of the city.  Shortly after arriving in New York, Kenny went on to attend The Art Institute of New York where he excelled in the international culinary arts program and now holds a bachelor’s degree in culinary management.

While studying, Kenny continued to home his culinary skills under the great teaching chefs of The Art Institute and later under chef Chino of the notable Five9th restaurant, in New York City’s trendy Meat Packing district.  Shortly thereafter, he worked as a private chef delighting clients with his blend of traditional southern and Southwestern cuisines that focuses on fresh and locally sustainable products and ingredients.  Kenny’s cooking philosophy is, “I cook from a place that honors my southern heritage and then I add a cup of what I’ve learned from other cultures.  I truly believe the spirit of great cuisine is based on a shared experience of diversity.”

It was during this period that Kenny established his food catering, consulting business, working with local restaurants and businesses to improve their menus, brand identity, food costs and their day-to-day operations.  Today, he continues to advise food service businesses and while establishing himself as a private chef and food stylist.

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