Yes… the rules apply to YOU

I enjoy coloring outside the lines and exploring my creativity but for some reason it bothers me when people don’t think the rules apply to them.  It is almost a sign of arrogance to believe that you are above the guidelines that everyone else follows.

While attending a grant writing workshop facilitated by a state agency, the presenter explained that one of the reasons grant applications have such specific guidelines (12 pt font, Times New Romans, double spaced, etc) is because it helps them to eliminate candidates early in the application process.  That makes sense.  Why would I give you thousands of my dollars if you can’t follow the guidelines I set forth before you have my money.  If an application requests certain information and you fail to provide that information, why should you receive further consideration?  What is it about YOU that makes you exempt from participating in the same process as everyone else.

I was recently shopping in Wal Mart and purchasing about six items.  There was a lady in front of me with about forty items but she was in the speedy check-out lane which clearly states twenty items or less.  It made me wonder… what other areas of life does this lady believe the rules don’t apply to her?  Does she not believe that it is disrespectful to her fellow shoppers that she is utilizing a service that was created to be convenience to others?

We even see this in relationships… in my Twitter timeline we have discussed double standards between men and women on several occasions.  How can you expect someone to be faithful to you if you are not being faithful to them?  How can expect someone to love you unconditionally if you show no regard for their emotions?

There are many other examples that I can cite of people who believe the rules don’t apply to them.  Although it may seem like an isolated incident at the time, it makes me wonder what other areas of life are they disregarding the rules?

Thinking outside of the box and showing your creativity are different from not playing by the rules.  There are certain instances where you are setting yourself up for a failure (completing applications) or coming across as disrespectul (too many items in the speedy check out) when you choose not to follow the rules.

I firmly believe that you get what you get in life.  If you act as if the rules don’t apply to you then don’t be surprised when people treat you as such. Don’t be surprised when you don’t get what you think you deserve.


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