Pastor Mike discusses “I’m Holy but I’m horny”

While browsing through my Twitter timeline last week, I came across a blog title from The Fresh Xpress.  The title, “Help… I’m Holy but I’m Horny” immediately caught my eye because this was a subject that I could identify with **we won’t go into detail**.  Although I was in the middle of a million projects at the time, I could not resist clicking the link and reading the article.  The author, Pastor Mike Scruggs, provided a very insightful opinion about premarital sex and religion.

This week on Late Night with LaKesha we will explore the topic in more detail as we welcome Pastor Mike to the show to expound on what prompted him to write the article, his views on the church and sex and how we can find balance between living holy and horny.

I know you all have something to say so join in the conversation…

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Join Pastor Mike and I on Tuesday, January 18 at 10pmon

About Mike Scruggs…

Pastor Mike Scruggs, Light of the World

Pastor Mike Scruggs is an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision. With the mandate to “bind up the brokenhearted” and “proclaim liberty to the captives,” he is seizing the Kingdom of God by force. Blessed with an uncanny delivery, Pastor Mike uses his dependence on the Word of God and a passion for the empowerment of people everywhere to bring forth an uncompromising message for “such a time as this.”

Pastor Mike believes in the holistic concept of ministering to the total man. This humble servant of God has committed himself, and the church, to teaching the Kingdom agenda and to helping others who are pregnant with vision, yet handicapped by tradition. Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “When you’re right, you can never be too radical.” The radical preaching and teaching style of Pastor Mike is transforming the lives of men, women, boys and girls everywhere.

Pastor Scruggs was born and raised in the Greater Cincinnati area, and is a product of Cincinnati Public Schools. Upon graduating from Walnut Hills High School, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from The Ohio State University. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Divinity from Cincinnati Christian University.

Pastor Scruggs is honored to be married to Kisha Scruggs, and is the proud father of Michael Vincent Jr and Madison Scruggs.

Under the leadership of Pastor Scruggs, Light of the World Ministries literally started out with nothing but a vision and prayer, and from there has grown to accomplish things only God could orchestrate in a small amount of time. They went from holding a meeting in a livingroom, to holding service in a movie theatre. They went from not being heard, to broadcasting to hundreds of thousands through their weekly radio program. They went from not being seen, to being on television in 29 different communities and establishing a following online. And this is only the beginning!

Find Pastor Mike online…

Twitter – @MVScruggs


3 thoughts on “Pastor Mike discusses “I’m Holy but I’m horny”

  1. LaKesha,

    I enjoyed your post immensely. My name is Sharen King and I am a Cincinnati native altough I have not lived in my hometown since 1994. As of recent have been spending time in the tri-state area working on different business ventures and I have had the opportunity to enjoy the teaching of Pastor Mike Scruggs on several occasions. Like you I am a public speaker and specialize in Life*Business*Relationship Coaching. I am staging an intro-seminar titled It’s Game Time at the Cincinnati Holiday Inn (Sharonville) Thursday July 28th, 2011. It is a free intro-seminar on the benefits of Life Coaching and U Determine Ur Destiny. I welcome your attendance and hope if you are unable to attend that you share the information with your sphere. Best Regards Sharen King (Sharen Sierra facebook)
    I also have a Singles Forum on many issues that single men and women face daily. Such as solo travel, dating single, sex issues, single parenting, finances etc. Please take a moment and subscribe as I will do for your blog.


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