Picking up the pieces of a broken heart

I can’t take it back.  What I did was wrong.  How can I pick up the pieces of your broken heart?

You believed in me and thought I would forever be true.  You looked at me with total trust until the moment of betrayal.

The light that once shined on our love is no longer illuminated.  A cloud of darkness follows every conversation.  There aren’t enough words of apology to make you forget.  Yet, your forgiveness stings deeper than the anger in your eyes.

It wasn’t because of a lack of love for you although I often wonder if I am worthy of your love for me. Did I destroy us because I don’t love me?

It’s easier to let you go than to stay and fight for this bond.  Did I do this to push you away because I knew you would leave one day?

A part of me is glad that it finally happened because now I am free of this love obligation.  I don’t have to worry about one day hurting you because the day is today.  I don’t have to wonder if I will ever disappoint you because the idea is now a reality.

I swim in a sea of sadness once filled with bliss.  Each current pushes us further apart.  I am drowning without you.  Though I reach for your hand, I am not strong enough to hold on.

I don’t deserve you.  Your fragmented heart is a symbol of the inevitable destruction I was destined to bring.

I cannot be the person that you once imagined walking into eternity with. I cannot undo the damage I caused.  I’m sorry… I cannot pick up the pieces of your broken heart.


6 thoughts on “Picking up the pieces of a broken heart

  1. Roderick says:

    Absolutely Beautifully written… You just inspired me to finish my book….

    You Don’t have To Weep For Me Anymore.. Is On its way!!!!!!



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