Jarmar shares his views on “Double Standards” between men and women

This topic landed me in Twitter Jail (excessive tweeting in a short time-frame resulting in being unable to continue tweeting) a few weeks ago when @SlicKGilchrist asked followers to share their views on “Double Standards” between men and women.  However, you know I am not one to back down from a good conversation so I had to find a guest willing to share his views on the subject.

Why does it seem that men are allowed to get away with certain behaviors that women are not? Should women want to have the same privileges in society that men have?  Has the desire for men and women to be treated equally contributed to the demise of relationships?  Are there roles that men and women should play in relationships or does it depend on the couple?

I know you all have something to say so join in the conversation…

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About Jarmar…

Jarmar Muhammad, Educator, Community Activist & Spoken Word Performer

Jarmar is an educator who is seeking to increase awareness about Sickle Cell and H.I.V.

Originally from Birmingham, AL, he teaches on the post-secondary level while pursuing a doctoral degree from Alabama State University.

Although he is known for his instructional and academic merits, the ASU graduate organizes a charity basketball game to raise funds for Sickle Cell and H.I.V outreach programs. One vehicle he uses to complete the latter efforts is Aspiring Artists, a cultural enrichment group; however, he attributes his leadership and organizational skills to the brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. Jarmar is an  author as well as a playwright who performs live spoken word to display his love for urban culture.

Find Jarmar Muhammad online…





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