Dear Santa…

In case you’re wondering, I still believe in Santa and don’t think I’m too old to write him a letter filled my desires for a Merry Christmas.

Dear Santa,

This year was met with challenges to my niceness but I feel pretty confident that I didn’t make the naughty list so I am writing with my wish list and look forward to seeing my goodies under the Christmas tree in the morning.  (Your cookies and milk will be on the dining room table ;))

  1. Victoria’s Secret gift cards – their semi-annual sale started yesterday.  You know I love a good deal.
  2. A BlackBerry Torch – I love my Curve but it’s time for an upgrade.  They have a great deal on them at
  3. A Life Application Bible – it’s hard to believe you can lose a bible, but I’m prayerful that whoever has it is putting it to good use.  So if you don’t mind a leather-bound replacement would be greatly appreciated and used.
  4. A new set of golf clubs – for me playing golf is as much about looking good as playing well so I think a new set will be the motivation that I need to play more often this upcoming year.
  5. A chocolate diamond ring – Since there are no engagement rings in my immediate future, you are the perfect man to slide something special on my finger (size 5 please).

Thanks, Santa!



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