Holiday cooking with the sensual Chef Amadeus

This week on Late Night with LaKesha, the sensual Chef Amadeus will provide some tips to spice up your holiday cooking.

Traditionally, when you think of holiday cooking you imagine a group of women in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove to prepare a huge meal.  However, there comes a time during the hustle and bustle that you may want to do something a little low-key with someone special.  Aside from the obvious strawberries & champagne, we will have Chef Amadeus live with us to share:

  • which scents you can use to add a little spice to your evening
  • easy recipes ideas for men to spoil their lady
  • creative ways to use food to enhance your romantic experience

Do you have questions or recipes to share?

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Join Chef Amadeus and I on Tuesday, November 23 at 10p on

About Chef Amadeus…

Chef Amadeus is a private chef specializing in healthy Southern dishes.  He enjoys coming into a home and cooking whatever is your fridge.  He doesn’t require any fancy grocery store trips and he loves a crowd.   He delights in combining the scents from your bedroom and bathroom to create a tantalizing meal for your dinner party or a romantic meal for you and your mate.

Contact him via Twitter @ChefAmadeus


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