As he looked in my eyes…

As he stood there with his arms folded, lips pursed tightly together, I could feel his inquisitive stare peering through my heart.  I knew that he was afraid to  let down his guard because of the past hurts.  She almost destroyed him and he wasn’t sure if I would do the same.  I could feel that he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words in fear of them being misconstrued by my longing heart.  I was nervous because I did not know if he could really read my thoughts like it felt he could.  Could he sense how much he meant to me?  As he looked in my eyes, I hoped he couldn’t tell that I would give it all up for the chance to be his #1.

The longer he held my gaze the deeper our connection grew and the more vulnerable I felt.  Never had I wanted someone so bad, never had I longed for their arms to untangle and wrap around me.  Trying to maintain the connection, I nervously giggled and asked what was on his mind.  Without an answer but a simple raised brow, I knew he was weighing his opttions.  Is this girl worth taking a risk on?  Could she be the one?  As he looked in my eyes, I knew he was deciding whether to leave or to stay.


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