She’s jealous of me…

Last night as I watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, one of the ladies could not stop talking about how women have always been jealous of her.  She was having beef with one of the other housewives and chalked it up to the woman being jealous of her.  In a previous episode, she also commented that she preferred to hang around men because women are always jealous of her.

I wondered if she realized how ignorant and self-involved she sounded.  I am grateful to have a network of women that are extremely encouraging and inspiring, however I understand that everyone is so lucky.  But if you go through life chalking up every disagreement to someone being jealous of you, you are going to miss out on learning some things about yourself.  Not every disagreement can be resolved because sometimes the hurt is deep and you just need space to get over it but despite how you handle the situation externally, seek to find a growth experience that can make you better internally.  In the Housewives example, the wife who thinks everyone is jealous of her, could have used the opportunity to make the other woman feel more comfortable and secure around her rather than creating a larger divide.

The devil is a liar, you don’t have any haters. Later in the episode, one of the ladies proved to be a voice of reason and stated that at some point you just have to get over it.  No, you don’t have to be everyone’s friend because not everyone is meant to be a part of your life but running around thinking and even worse saying that people are hating on you or that they are jealous of you, is not a sign of them having issues but a sign of your insecurities.  If you know who you are and are confident with yourself, then you don’t worry about what other people think.

Who is really jealous of who?


2 thoughts on “She’s jealous of me…

  1. I watched that last night as well. And I would have to agree that usually people that run around saying they have haters are insecure and generally lack the ability to take criticism.


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