The key to my love…

The key to my love is trust…

A lot of people think that trust is just about being faithful and not cheating but to me trust includes a little bit more.

I need to be able to trust the words that come out of your mouth.  If I have to second guess everything that you say to me, no matter how small or grand the tale then it makes me wonder what else you might be deceiving me about.

I dated a guy once and he would tell me some of the craziest things.  All I could do is listen and wonder if he really thought that I believed what he was saying.  By most accounts, this guy would be considered a good catch but I couldn’t trust him to be honest with me.  I don’t know if he thought he was impressing me or if he really believed the untruths that he was telling but with each incident, it eroded a little bit of my trust until I reached the point that I was tired of having to read into what he was saying.  It was almost like playing a game, truth or lie.

The weirdest thing is that he isn’t the only guy who has ever done this with me.  I guess it’s because I’m not one of thsoe people that feel the need to call people on their BS.  I give you enough rope to hang yourself out to dry.  However, how can you seriously believe that you are buildng a solid relationship with someone when you know that you are not being honest with them.

Love encompasses much more but the key to MY love is trust…



One thought on “The key to my love…

  1. Roderick Frizzelle says:

    ~ The Truth will set you free ~

    I definitely feel ya on this one… Trust is the key to build an indestructible foundation… Everything else will fall in place…


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