Do you have Klout?

I have a Klout of 43.  How do I know?  It’s in my HootSuite profile.  But the bigger question is “What is klout?” And probably even more important… “Why do we care?”

Klout is supposed to measure your standard of influence on Twitter.  I find that interesting because there are some people who have thousands of followers but no influence.  Influence is when you have interaction with your followers, they retweet your posts and/or converse with you.  Don’t look at it like they are your servants or you have a group of people willing to buy whatever you’re selling but more like a captive audience for your message.  Simply posting tweets and not interacting is like standing on a mountain screaming at folks and not hearing anything they are saying.

If you are on Twitter, go to to find your score and let’s see how we measure up.

Here are some things that I learned about myself based on my Klout score:

  • Of my 1,960 followers, only 1,314 are mutual followers while 0% mention me in tweets (where is the love?) and only 4% retweet my posts (which implies I have a small, tightly formed community).  Although that sounds a little odd, it feels about right because I feel like I have a true connection with a small percentage of my followers and often wonder who the hay the rest of these people watching me are.
  • I’m a Specialist – I’m not a celebrity (darn it) but within my area of expertise my opinion is second to none (really?).  My content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly engaged audience (yall, like it when we talk about relationships and parenting, lol)
  • According to my amplification, I am likely to have one tweet retweeted each day and I create content that is likely to create conversation and response (that’s pretty cool, that is the goal of this whole social networking thing, right?)
  • Based on my engagement, I am sad to report that I am not #teamfollowback, I actually read profiles and rely on interactions to determine who to follow (sorry bots) but they said I need some “@ mention love” <~ wow, their words, not mine… even my Twitter love life is suffering
  • The topics that “they” say I get the most engagement on are…
    • Business
    • Writing
    • Speakers
    • Authors
    • Blogging
      I disagree but… what do I know about these formulas and theories and stuff *shrugs*
  • My content analysis is a little weird because I don’t think I tweet about this stuff but “they” say…
    • #thingsleaderssay << haven’t done that one in a long time
    • -GB shaw << no idea what that’s all about *bbm confused face*
    • Tennessee Titans << Yeah, baby!! But I don’t think I tweet about them that often
    • Blackberry << if you say so…
    • #Twitterturnoff << I did that ONCE
    • Compact Disc << never!!
    • ok.. so their content analysis could use some work also

Honestly, I don’t know what any of this means or if it’s important but I’m definitely going to give it some thought.  My e-book, “Building a Brand without Spending a Bundle” will be released on Monday, November 15 for free to everyone that subscribes to my blog (SUBSCRIBE TODAY – top left corner of the page).  If this information were a little more accurate, it seems that it could be a useful tool in determining the effectiveness of your social networking efforts.  I have it linked to my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles so I am going to monitor it for a few months to see if the data becomes more accurate over time.

One of the challenges with social networking is determining whether you are making a difference, if you message is resonating with your audience and if you are engaging in activities that will build your brand.  In theory, I can see how this application can be relevant in making some decisions about your social network.  However, at this stage, it is more entertaining than informative.

Leave a comment and let me know if you found out anything interesting about yourself based on your Klout score.



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