Single Parents & Dating with Kalonji Gilchrist

This week’s “Late Night with LaKesha” will feature guest co-host Kalonji Gilchrist.  Our topic will be “Single Parents and Dating.”

Most single parents can tell you that dating is a challenge.

You want to have companionship with someone but what do you do with your kids?  How soon is too soon to introduce your “friend” to your kids?  If you do it too soon and the relationship ends, how do you explain it to the kids?  If you wait too long, what if they don’t get along with your kids?

And let’s not even get into the dreaded sleep over… What do you tell kids the first time you have an “adult sleepover”?  Of course, while you’re dealing with morning after issues, so will they…

On the flip side, if you’re single and don’t have kids, how do you deal with someone who does?  What do you think about dating someone who doesn’t take care of their kids?  What if they want you to meet their kids and you’re not ready?

Let’s not forget about dealing with baby mama/daddy drama…

Yep, the list goes on and on.  Don’t forget to share your questions and/or comments with us.

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Join Kalonji and I as we answer your questions as well as address a few of our own.  Tune in Tuesday, November 9 from 10p until 1030p on

About Kalonji Gilchrist…


“Pretty simple, slightly complicated”

Slickster (as I affectionately call him) is a native of Montgomery, Alabama.  He was the first born alpha male on both sides of his family.  He is an aficionado of the fine arts, including theater, written and spoken word.  Also, a multimedia digerati that still enjoys the culture of the renaissance era and the urban life.  He’s an old soul, visionary, God-fearing man of a few talents and two beautiful daughters.



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