Easy Cheesy Pinwheels

This is an easy appetizer and one of my favorites…

1 can of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls®

1 pound of your favorite shredded cheese(s)

  • On a flat surface, unroll the crescent rolls and sprinkle the cheeses evenly onto the dough but don’t sprinkle too much close to the edges.  I like to use a five cheese variety depending on my mood (generally – monteray, cheddar, american, swiss and gouda).
  • Reroll lengthwise to resemble dough when removed from the can.  Don’t roll tooo tightly so that cheese can expand as it bakes but don’t roll too loosely so that there are gaps.
  • Bake as directed on the Pillsbury can.
  • Once removed from the oven, slice lengthwise and serve hot while the cheese is still hot and gooey!

The great thing about this recipe is that you can add any of your favorite ingredients and easily impress dinner guests with a tasty treat before dinner.

Leave a comment and share what you would add to your pinwheels for the ultimate appretizer…


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