“Late Night with LaKesha” Line Up

Thanks for checking me out…

Here is the line up for Late Night with LaKesha for the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned and we will continue to add topics and guest co-hosts as they are booked.  Make plans to tune in every Tuesday evening from 10pm to 1030pm CST.

Remember – we want you to ask questions and get involved in the conversation so that these sessions can be entertaining yet informative.  There are four ways to connect with us:

  1. Tweet your questions to @LaKeshaWomack using the hashtag #LNWL
  2. Submit the question below in the comment section (please specify which show your question is addressed to)
  3. Follow Late Night with LaKesha on Blog Talk Radio and submit questions in the comment section
  4. Email me at contact@LaKeshaWomack.com with “Late Night with LaKesha” in the subject line

I reserve the right to refuse to answer or address questions that are vulgar or demeaning.

November 9     “Single Parents and Dating” with Kalonji Gilchrist (@slicKGilchrist)

November 16     “Can sex ruin a relationship?” with Quentin McCall (@QuentinMcCall)

November 23     “Is food the way to a man’s heart?” with Chef Amadeus (@ChefAmadeus)

November 30     “The Lost Art of Dating” with The Style Gent (@TheStyleGent)

December 7     “Interracial Dating, Relationships & Marriage” with Will Deyamport (@peoplegogy)



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