Why not you?

Who are you not to be disappointed?  What makes you so special that life should spare you of a few bumps and bruises?  What makes it ok for you to expect more than you give?

Most of us believe that we deserve a wonderful life and that nothing bad should ever befall us.  Why not you?

Is there someone more deserving of heartache than you?  Is there someone who should have the monopoly on pain?

Our strife in life is what contributes to our strength.  If we are never tested then we will not know what we were capable of enduring.  It is through the rigorous climb to the top of the mountain that we are truly able to enjoy the view.

Before you complain about anything or anyone… ask yourself, “Why not me?”


2 thoughts on “Why not you?

  1. I dunno about you but I’m tired of pain and suffering. I also don’t view pain as a comparative thing where somehow my experience is not valid simply because someone else also has pain. I’ve blogged about that on my psych blog the past.

    True, lessons come about from pain but everyone has a threshold and I’ve been long past mine as certain situations I’ve dealt with for years. What’s even more frustrating are the stupid assessments and beliefs that people will make/have about me. My avatar is cute on a site so I must be “happy all of the time.” I write well or photograph well so I must be “insanely rich.” People do this instead of getting to know people because very few truly want to hear the truth about what life is like for another and prefer glitter = gold stories. (Some people also have an emotional versus locigal locus when it comes to reasoning, as well.)

    I agree with the fact that it shouldn’t be a “why me” kind of situation as that leads to self-pity and is not productive. I do believe that lessons can be learned from BOTH the good and bad from life, not just the bad. I also fully accept that the bad can wear one down and be incredibly tiring and people are within their full right to express a range of emotion, not just those that make others “comfortable.”


  2. Roderick Frizzelle says:

    Also…. I believe that our thoughts and perceptions create our experiences in life… We are who we think we are… And on that rigorous climb to the the top of the mountain we should approach each test with the thought that we are more than conquerors!!

    Great Post..


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