Judge not…

You know how that Christian saying goes… Judge not lest ye be judged.

One day a thought came to me.

There are so many people who walk around with smiles on their faces, trying to be positive and encouraging to others but no one knows what hides behind that smile.

There are many more people who walk around angry, snapping at everyone who crosses their path and no one knows what is really going in the head of that person or in their life.

We spend so much time trying to decide who is good, who is bad and passing judgement on the decisions of others when it is impossible to truly know what is going on in someone else’s life.  Even your closest friend, soul mate or lifelong partner has somethings in their mind and heart that has not been revealed to you.

Our duty should not be to pass judgement on the decisions that others make because they will ultimately reap the rewards or pay the price but to be patient and kind because underneath all that you see, you never know what is really going on.


3 thoughts on “Judge not…

  1. I don’t have issues with people having opinions about other people’s mistakes or bad decisions.

    If anything, I don’t think we shame enough (look at all of the out of wedlock births there are).

    everyone has an opinion even if it isn’t true or based on flimsy evidence. If anything, it comes natural for us to point out someone’s flaws but like anything else, we shouldn’t overdo it.

    then again, i find that the Bible is the worst place to look to for advice in the 21st century


    • Wow… I was following along with your line of reasoning until “the Bible is the worst place to look to for advice in the 21st century.” Whether you agree that God is an omnipotent being that created heaven and earth or not, I find it hard to believe that you would consider the Bible to be the “worst” place to attain advice. You may not believe in the factuality of the books within the Bible, however, even if only read as parables they teach us some very fundamental lessons about life and how we should treat each other. I do believe that some people misinterpret the reading of the Bible to make it convenient for the message they are perpetrating.


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