Writing your mission statement

Every business/ organization should have a mission statement.  A mission statement sets the tone for your organization and communicates the operational expectations from management to all involved with your organization.  Although mission statements are generally pretty short, about three to four sentences, because you want it to be something memorable; they usually take quite a bit of time to compose because of the complexity of the statements.  Check out my tips for writing an effective mission statement…

  • Consider the various levels of your organization.  Your mission statement should communicate with your management team, your employees, your customers and everyone else who comes in contact with your organization.  When they read the statement, they should each receive some message from the statement.
  • Focus on what you want your company to be known for.  This is the place to set the expectation of how you want your organization to be viewed, “the industry leader in green job creation” or “a learning resource for children with disabilities”.  Once someone reads your statement, they should not have any questions about what your organization does.
  • List the strengths of your company.  Make sure you point out what your company does well and how it benefits the customer.  One sentence should make a direct correlation between your organization and the customer.
  • Make sure it is easily understood.  Don’t get so caught up in words that the sentences become too complex to be easily understood.  In our society, people don’t read a lot.  You want a statement that is just that, a statement.  It makes a point and gets right to it.  Don’t try to be clever or beat around the bush; just say it.

I hope these tips help you to write an effective mission statement that is clear, concise and communicates who you are and what you do.  Don’t feel pressured to complete this is an hour or even a couple of hours.  Also, enlist the assistance of some people involved with your organization to get their opinion of whether your mission is on track with they actuality of your organization.

Check back next week, I will give tips on writing your vision statement.


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