Sunday Morning

It’s amazing how different Sunday mornings are from any other day of the week.  When I wake up on Sunday I feel this refreshing feeling.  I know that I am about to get up and make breakfast for my family. Most days during the week, everyone is leaving at different times so it is harder to coordinator a breakfast time.  Everyone ends up fending for themselves.  On Saturday so much is going on and it feels like a hustle and bustle rather than the first free day of the week for the family.

On Sunday… well, that’s a different story.  We all wake up knowing that we are going to church and will be spending some quality time together.

As everyone is getting dressed, I have time alone in the kitchen.  I think some women may be able  to feel me on this but I enjoy spending time alone in the kitchen.  Especially when I am preparing a meal for the family.  It gives me time to reflect, if it’s a dinner I am usually thinking of what happened during my day, thinking about things I can do for my family; but on Sunday mornings, I think about the week ahead.  It is a great time to begin my conversation with God for the day.  I know that I am about to go into his house to worship and praise Him.

I love to see everyone come to the kitchen table to enjoy the meal that I have prepared.  We are all dressed up and excited to be spending some time together.  I have started the preparations for our very Southern and traditional family dinner (usually fried chicken, or pot roast, 5 cheese macaroni and cheese, collard greens, cornbread and a homemade dessert).

Sunday mornings are probably different for each family but I think it is a great time to create a family tradition within your household that can be shared for years to come.  It is a great day to reflect, not only during your alone time,  but with your family about their week ahead, to begin coordinating schedules but most of all to just enjoy time as a family.  Take the time to savor your Sunday mornings, although we have 52 each year, each one becomes more precious than the last.


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