5 types of drunk

Back in the day when I was a moderately heavy drinker, I would take a little time (probably 15 seconds) at the beginning of the evening to decide what type of drunk I was going for that evening.  Yes, the OCD planner runs deep within me.  These are the five types that initially come to mind…

  1. Beer drunk –  This was never my favorite which is probably why it is listed first.  Back in the day, a western bar had penny beer on Sunday nights so me and my girls would put on our cowboy boots (yes, cowboy boots, I lived in Nashville) and head out to line dance.  Beer is easy to consume in large quantities as long as it’s really cold.  Once it gets warm… forget about it.  I know I’m a country girl because all I can tolerate is Bud Light, you can keep the foreign beer to yourself.  The only downside to drinking lots of beer, aside from getting drunk, is that it makes you feel really full and bloated.  Might be why I saved this drunk for country bar, I wasn’t as concerned with being cute (lol).
  2. Mixed Drinks – These were my drinks of choice when going to a bar or lounge to just hang out with my girls.  Typically, mixed drinks are consumed at a slower pace than shots and are more tasty.  I have several favorites depending on the season.  In the spring I prefer something light like Grey Goose and pineapple, in the summer a rum mixed with pineapple is yummy, during the fall I go for something a little heavy like Crown and diet coke with a lime but the winter calls for something to keep me warm like Kahlau and coffee.  There are many variations between those but I’m somewhat of a creature of habit and can be pretty predictable.  It’s hard to gauge how quickly you will drunk drinking mixed drinks because it is largely dependant on the bartender.  Hint: the better you tip your bartender, the fewer drinks you will need to achieve your goal.  Just be careful if you will be moving around a lot because if you spill a mixed drink, you could end up sticky from all of the sugar.
  3. Shots – I reserve shots for nights at the club when I don’t want to walk around with a drink but still want to have a slight buzz.  My shot of choice – chilled Patron.  If I go to a club that doesn’t serve Patron then I know I am in the wrong spot.  Some of my friends like mixed drink type shots but those are hard for me to swallow in one fail swoop as is typically expected.  After one or two shots of Patron, I can dance the night away.  The danger with shots is that you have to know you limit.  If you cross over that limit, there is no telling what will happen and being drunk off shots is the ugliest drunk.  Not sure why but it just seems like everything falls apart when you have too many shots so beware.
  4. Whiskey – This is my next to least favorite drunk because it really does feel like you are growing hair on your chest.  Most whiskeys are served room temperature and the better the quality, the stronger the liquor.  I know this is supposed to be a good thing but it doesn’t feel like it when its going down.  You can almost feel it traveling down your throat and into your stomach.  I typically order a whiskey drink if I’m out with friends and don’t really feel like drinking but want something to sip on.  A friend turned me on to Woodford Reserve.  I don’t really drink enough to get drunk but from what I’ve seen, this type of drunk can be brutal the next day.  My advice – drink a glass of water while you are sipping and plenty of water the next day.
  5. Wine – As I have matured and moved out of my party girl stage, I drink more wine these days than other liquors.  Those other drunks were fun when I was out and about but that is no longer the reality of my life so I am now building my wine collection.  When I first started drinking wine, I was like the typical novice and only drank the sweet Zinfadels but have since advanced to a variety of reds and whites depending on my mood.  Read more about wines and wine glasses.  I think wine drunk is best for dates and evenings at home relaxing because they create a mellow mood.  I don’t think I have ever been hung over or have ever thrown up from a wine drunk but it does make me sleepy which is perfect for my 30 something year old lifestyle.

Drinking rules (yes, there are rules):

  • Drink responsibly.  Don’t overdo it and get alcohol poisoning which can be fatal.  Know your limit and know how to stop when you reach it.
  • Have a designated driver or use public transportation.  You are not too good to take a cab and leave your car wherever it is or to ride with someone else if you have had too much to drink.  Not only could you save your own life but you could also save someone else’s life.
  • Obey the law.  I can not condone anyone under the age of 21 drinking.  This blog is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to encourage anyone to get drunk.

3 thoughts on “5 types of drunk

  1. But Under aged drinking is the best drinking!(kidding)
    But seriously, I get where you’re coming from. Personally, I could never stand Beer. I only drank it when I was with friends. I’m a Tequila man.


  2. CadenceOn says:

    You are a lady of variety – good! Personally, I like Chardonnays in the spring and summer with a preference for Washington State selections. Merlots are good for mood times in the fall and winter and even for catching up on a good book. When it’s time to break out the good stuff, there is nothing much better that Glenlivet and Glennfidich on the rocks. JW Blue is also a great choice for those very select occasions. Cheers,..


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